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How to Get Dolled Up For Your Prom by a Makeup Artist in Valley Stream, NY

Prom season is approaching and while the best night of your high school is just around the corner, you want to make sure that you look the part and stand out from the crowd. Getting that perfect prom dress is always the highlight of the season, along with hair and makeup. You can choose the best dress for your prom, but getting your hair and makeup done makes your night even more special.

Why not get a new haircut by going to a trusted salon that offers high-quality services including a seasoned makeup artist and hairstylist. Remember Prom night only comes once, so if you are looking for a makeup artist in Valley Stream, NY, or wondering ‘If I can get a cool haircut at a salon near me’ then this is where Heavenly Beauty comes in.


Why Heavenly Beauty?

Beauty salons are a dime a dozen, but only a few have a makeup artist or hairstylist who knows what you would like and deliver the most satisfactory services. Here, at Heavenly Beauty, we offer you all the services that will make you look like a showstopper at any event you would like. What sets us apart from other salons is that we only use cruelty-free hair products, so rest assured no animals will be hurt to make you look beautiful.

Our Services

We offer all kinds of hair services for men, women and children, including hair coloring, treatments, beaded row extensions, etc.

We do make up for all occasions such as:

  • Weddings

  • Proms

  • Parties

  • Sweet Sixteens


Why Should You Choose Us?

We stay committed to providing the best professional salon services and believe in using organic and cruelty-free products. We will doll you up just the way you like for your prom night and you will walk out of the salon with nothing but a beaming smile on your face.

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